When Do You Need An Attorney For Child Support?

When you get divorced or arrange custody of your children with your ex-significant other, child support is determined. Child support is the payment a non-custodial parent must make every month to help financially raise the children. The child support amount is determined by your state's guidelines and usually takes into account the incomes of both parents.

While the child support arrangement is typically cut and dry and as long as payments are made there is little you have to do, there are times where a child support attorney is necessary to help make this court order run more smoothly. If you receive child support, then here are times when you may need a lawyer from a place like Harford Family Law in the child support case.

You aren't getting paid

If the other parent stops making payments or isn't making full child support payments every month, the state will typically take action in some form to encourage payments. Wages may be garnished from the other parent's paychecks and put into your child support account. Other measures, such as tax return garnishment, may be taken.

If the other parent is unemployed or cannot be reached, you may need a lawyer to help get the payments you need. Your lawyer can work with you to file a contempt motion on the other parent, which can help make them understand the urgency to make child support payments.

You aren't getting enough money

Have the circumstances for your children changed? Did the other parent receive a raise or get a new job? If so, you may be able to file for a child support modification to get more money monthly for your children. Keep in mind you can file a motion to modify child support if you have lost your job, changed to a lower paying job, or if your hours have been cut as well. While you can file this motion on your own, it's best to hire an attorney to do this for you as paperwork can be extensive and a lawyer can make the case go through more quickly.

Child support must be paid for your children until they reach a certain age. Over time, changes in family life and other financial needs will require child support to be modified. Talk to a child support attorney to see if you have a case to have child support addressed in your area. When you take action, you can get the child support amount your children need.