Was Your Child Bullied into an Action That Risked Their Life? Get a Lawyer Fast

If your child was pressured into doing something on a dare and now they are in serious critical condition and either their life is on the line or their life will never be the same again, you want to contact a lawyer. Legal action may be the best option for you, especially if you know that your child was pressured, bullied, or maybe even forced to do what harmed them so badly. Here are some of the things that your lawyer will need so they can move forward with the case.

Details of the Event

If your child isn't in a stable condition, if they haven't been well enough to give you the exact details of the event, or if they don't remember, you don't want to be forced to rely on what others say. If you think the other children or parents are lying, or if there wasn't an adult or uninvolved witness, you want the lawyer to investigate the story in great detail. This way you can get the facts. If your child or others say that your child was dared, taunted, or forced, this is important for the case.

Names of Those Involved

You want the details of everyone involved to hand over to your lawyer. Some of the details they will need include the following:

  • Name of each child involved and their parents
  • Contact information like phone numbers and addresses
  • Each child's relationship with your child

This way your lawyer can contact the necessary parents to get statements and information, or get more details They also may want to contact the legal representatives of these people to discuss the direction the case is moving in.

Types of Medical Injuries

The type of medical injury that your child has is very relevant to the case. Injuries that often result in winning injury settlement cases include the following:

  • Any permanent type of injury
  • Spine, neck, or back injuries
  • Paralysis or loss of a body part
  • Severe injury requiring surgery, prolonged surgery, or extensive treatment

Your lawyer will look at all of the details of your child's injury, including what treatment they have now and what they will have to do to try to resume a normal life in the future.

If you know that your child wouldn't have done what they were dared to do on their own and that their life may be permanently affected, you want to call a personal injury attorney right away. Find out how this happened and what action you can take to pursue consequences for your child's injury.