Six Misconceptions That Could Discourage You From Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit

There are a lot of widely held misconceptions out there regarding car accident lawsuits. You need to be aware of what these misconceptions are so that you don't fail to file a lawsuit you should have because you mistakenly believe in one.

The following are six of the most common car accident lawsuit misconceptions out there that you shouldn't let discourage you from filing a lawsuit: 

My auto insurance company will always offer me just compensation for my accident.

Insurance companies don't always offer you the amount that a claim is worth. You shouldn't automatically have faith in the amount of money your insurance company is compensating you without first discussing the issue with an experienced car accident attorney. 

Car accident lawsuits are expensive.

Generally, car accident lawyers get paid on a contingency fee. This means that you don't need to pay anything up front for representation.

Your lawyer will take a percentage of whatever you get from your insurance company or the defendant as a result of your lawsuit. Thanks to the contingency fee setup, anyone can afford to file a car accident lawsuit. 

It's easy to resolve the issue through negotiations rather than legal processes.

If your insurance company has already decided how much to give you for your claim, they're probably not going to change their mind simply because you tell them that you feel it's not enough. The only way you're likely to get more for your claim is if you file a lawsuit. 

A motorist can't file a claim if the injuries weren't immediately apparent after the accident.

It's not uncommon for those who experience a car accident to not start showing symptoms of an injury until days or even months afterwards. A delay in the onset of symptoms should never prevent you from having your insurance cover medical bills that result from a car accident injury. 

Car accident lawsuits are very time consuming.

You won't have to invest a significant amount of your own time into your lawsuit if you hire an experienced attorney to handle it for you. Your attorney will take care of everything and all you need to do is show up for appointments with your attorney and for court if necessary. 

Car accident lawsuits are always frivolous.

Lawsuits generally have a bad reputation in some people's minds. A lot of people assume that lawsuits are always frivolous. However, this is not the case.

In many situations, lawsuits provide members of the public with their only means of achieving real justice in the compensation they're given as the result of an automobile accident.