3 Things Your Traffic Citation Lawyer Will Want To Know

After being cited for violating a driving law, such as speeding or not stopping for a stop sign, you could be thinking about hiring a traffic citation lawyer. After all, as you probably already know, you can increase your chances of things going well with your citation if you have a legal professional on your side. When you talk to a traffic citation attorney about potentially helping you with your case, there are a few things that he or she will probably want to know about you and your case. These are some of the main questions that one of these attorneys might ask.

1. What Is Your Driving Record Like?

First of all, your traffic citation attorney might ask you about your current driving record and about any tickets that you might have had in the past few years. This information is important for an attorney to know about so that he or she can help you. If you have a good driving record overall, then your traffic citation lawyer might be able to do even more for you. Also, if you have a bad driving record, there is the possibility that you could be facing losing your license or other serious penalties due to getting another traffic citation. Your attorney will need to know about this so that he or she can properly guide you and defend you in court.

2. What Were the Specifics About the Traffic Citation?

Your lawyer will probably ask about the specifics of the traffic citation. He or she might want to know where you were when it happened, what the road conditions were like, and other similar details. This makes it easier for him or her to get an idea of what happened and to potentially come up with a defense strategy for you.

3. When Is Your Court Date?

Of course, in order to represent you in court, your traffic citation lawyer is going to need to know when your court date is and which jurisdiction your ticket is going to be handled in. Make sure that you talk to a traffic citation lawyer well in advance; if you don't, then you could find that your lawyer is actually busy on your court date or that he or she does not have enough time to put together some type of defense for your case. The sooner that you can hire a traffic citation lawyer to help you with your speeding ticket or other citation, the better.