Working With The Right Lawyer

Make Your Work At Home Business Legal In Four Steps

Millions of business owners run their empire from their homes these days, and their numbers are growing steadily larger all the time. A healthy 50% of all U.S. businesses are in fact home-based businesses. To ensure that your home-based business gets off to a good (and legal) start, read the four major steps needed to begin your endeavor. 1. Zoning Laws Your choice of a specific home-based business could depend on the zoning laws in your locality, so a careful check with your zoning and planning commission is in order before you order those business cards. Read More 

Four Defense Suggestions For Evidence Commonly Used Against DUI Defendants

Much of the evidence police typically use against DUI defendants is based on behavioral or physical characteristics associated with drunkenness. However, these characteristics all have a variety of alternative causes other than drunkenness.  If a police officer is bringing a DUI charge against you with any of these examples of DUI evidence, you can use the defense suggestions that follow to convince a judge that you were not intoxicated at the time of your arrest: Read More 

Tips For An Easy, Fast, And Cheap Divorce

Getting divorced from a short-lived second marriage is usually a lot easier than getting divorced from a first marriage, especially if you and your current spouse do not have children together or own things in both names. If you have kept everything separate and decide to get divorced, here are some tips to help you get divorced in a way that is easy, fast, and cheap. Begin with a summons Read More 

Protect Your Rights, Your Assets, And Your Future—Questions For A Divorce Lawyer

No one goes into a marriage expecting it to end, so when you're faced with that reality, it can be a real challenge to even know where to start. At your first meeting with your attorney, you may feel overwhelmed, lost, and confused, and as a result you may not be prepared to ask the right questions to put you on the path to success. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to have answered by your divorce attorney. Read More 

Frivolous Consumer Lawsuits And Small Business Owners: What You Should Know (And Do)

Consumer protection laws against unfair and deceptive business practices vary from state to state, but one thing is common: They give customers some serious legal clout. In ordinary lawsuits, plaintiffs have to suffer actual losses in order to recover damages. Consumer protection laws, however, can entitle someone who suffered no financial loss at all to significant compensation based on a claim of false advertising. Should you be concerned, even if you're an honest small business owner who'd never intentionally defraud a customer? Read More