Working With The Right Lawyer

First Steps Toward Personal Injury Success

If you have been the victim of a careless driver, you may be confused about how you will handle all the details of your claim. Being hurt is bad enough, but add to that your lack of transportation and missed work, and you have a miserable situation on your hands. It could help to know what your first steps should be when it comes to getting fair compensation from the at-fault driver. Read More 

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: What Living In A Community Property State Means For Removing Your Personal Property Durin

If you live in a community property state (California, Texas, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Wisconsin, and New Mexico -- Alaska sometimes follows community property as well, and you'll notice that these form a good chunk of the western states), everything bought during the marriage is considered owned by both spouses. You can imagine how complicated that might make breaking up and moving out because now one spouse can state that what the other spouse considers his or hers is really not. Read More 

Beyond Unresolved Defects: Further Disclosures You Should Make When Selling A House

You probably know that you will be required to disclose all unresolved defects when selling your house. For example, you need to disclose if your foundation has settled and you haven't fixed the issue. However, unresolved defects aren't the only things you will be required to disclose when selling your house. Further disclosures you need to make include: Whether Your Price Is Fixed Full disclosure means providing the buyer with all the information that may lower the price of the property. Read More 

3 Tips For Preventing And Resolving Conflicts In A Family Business

Working with family can be great-- you have the opportunity to build your company with people who you love, and you can all share in the success together. But there is also a downside to family businesses-- when there are problems or conflicts personal relationships can become strained or awkward, and feelings can get hurt. Use the following tips to prevent and help resolve issues with your family members who are working with you in the family business:  Read More 

Your Bankruptcy And The Role Of The Trustee

The entire bankruptcy process can take some time to occur, sometimes several months. In addition to your bankruptcy attorney, you will likely not be dealing with anyone else during this process with the exception of the bankruptcytrustee. This court official will be overseeing your bankruptcy from start to finish, including the surrendering of property and ruling over the creditor's meeting. To learn more about the role of the trustee in your bankruptcy, read on. Read More