Trying To Avoid Probate? 5 Reasons Not To Worry About It

As you prepare your estate plan, you may have received the well-meaning advice to try to avoid probate at all costs. And while avoiding probate through the use of instruments like trusts and beneficiary designations can be useful, you may not want to focus your effort on doing so. Why? Here are a few reasons to not be afraid of probate law. Probate Can Be Simple Contrary to popular belief, many probate processes are relatively quick and uncomplicated. Read More 

Emancipation Of Minors: Is It The Right Thing To Do?

If you're 16 years of age and want to become emancipated from your parents, you may wonder if it's the right thing for you to do. Young people in your age group become emancipated from their parents for a number of reasons, including financial hardships and physical abuse. If you think emancipation is something you need to do right now, consult a family law attorney immediately. Learn more about the emancipation of minors and why it may or may not be right for you below. Read More 

Estate Litigation Lawyer: Find Out Why Estate Litigation Cases Arise

Writing a will helps avoid family disputes when you die. Usually, disputes involving trusts, wills, and other estate administration aspects are sometimes inevitable. If these issues aren't resolved at the family level, they can proceed to probate court to be litigated. Litigation is a process where the court system is involved in answering or filing legal petitions. The disputes can be between the heirs and trustees or among the heirs, mainly when there's no will. Read More 

Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Car Accident Case

Few people don't use one or the other social media sites daily. It's almost become second nature to see what's new on Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Instagram, and more. With the numerous opportunities offered for people to post, comment, and blog about their lives on millions of websites, social media is inescapable. However, there are times when using social media can cause more harm than good, and an auto accident is one of those. Read More 

Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney For A Tax Sale

If you fall behind in property taxes too much, you may not be able to pay, and then a tax sale is initiated. It's designed to collect tax money from property owners. If you want to get through this process in a stress-free manner, you might hire a tax sales attorney and benefit in several ways. Break Down Process as a Whole  A tax sale of a property is a very regulated process that's overseen by the government. Read More