What Paperwork Do You Need To File A Bankruptcy Case?

Filing a bankruptcy case requires filling out a lot of paperwork, and it requires submitting a lot of documents to your attorney. If you want to file for bankruptcy, you might want to begin by gathering the documents you might need to file your case. Here is a list of some of the primary things you might need in order to file a bankruptcy case. Income Forms A bankruptcy attorney cannot help you file your case without seeing and verifying your income. Read More 

How To Respond When You Discover That Your Attorney Is Misappropriating Funds

Most attorneys do not break the law, but there is a certain percentage of attorneys who will misappropriate the funds of their clients. Rather than using the funds in a manner in which it was originally agreed upon, the attorney may use the funds for their own personal use. If you discover that your attorney is misappropriating funds, you will need to take immediate action to protect yourself and save your case. Read More 

Three Reasons A Liability Waiver May Be Waived

There are many semi-dangerous activities that require you to sign a liability waiver before you can participate. It is not uncommon to have to sign a waiver before you can go ice skating, go bungee jumping, jump out of a plane, ride a horse, or go skiing. If you are injured while participating in one of these activities, you may think that you cannot sue the business owner for your injuries due to the liability waiver, but this is not always the case. Read More 

3 Ways a Medical License Defense Attorney Can Help You

When your medical license is at risk, so is your financial security. In this situation, medical license defense attorneys are an invaluable resource for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other licensed professionals. Here are three ways a medical license defense attorney can help you. 1. Hospital Disciplinary Action Hospital disciplinary actions must be reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank and your state licensing board. This means that probation, termination, and other disciplinary actions by the hospital where you are employed may potentially threaten your license as well. Read More 

3 Situations When You Need To Hire An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney

Getting involved in a car accident is a traumatizing experience that may lead to severe injuries, deaths, and financial losses. It can disrupt your lifestyle, work, and quality of life. Depending on the severity of the road accident or injuries, you may get confused and forget to claim compensation for the damage caused. If you aren't sure about the next step to take after an accident, it's advisable to hire an experienced auto accident attorney to guide you. Read More